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The Talking Cave

There lived a lion in a forest.

Can The Owl Be The King

One day, all the birds, including the swan, the parrot, the stork, the cuckoo, the peacock, the pigeon and the bulbul held a meeting. The peacock said, “It feels as...

Dharma And Adharma

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a village. One was called Dharma and the other was Adharma.

The Innocent Camel

The lion was the king of the forest. He had three servants the leopard, the fox and the crow.

The Little Sandpiper

A pair of sandpipers lived on a seashore. When it was time for Mother sandpiper to lay eggs, she said, “Find a nice safe place for me to lay eggs.”...

To Whom Does The Hollow Belong

In the hollow of the trunk of a big tree, there lived a sparrow.