Honest Wood Cutter

Honest Wood Cutter

In village next to a forest there lived two wood cutters. They were neighbours staying next to each other. Ramu , the first woodcutter is a very energetic and honest person. Somu the other woodcutter was a lazy and mean person. Both earn their living by cutting woods in the nearby forest.

One day asusual in the morning , Ramu started his work. Somu , Ah ! He has started early in the morning. Boring I will start a bit later. Somu led a miserable life as he was not ready to work hard. Ramu went to the forest and looked out for woods. Here I don’t find any good woods. Let me go to the river side where I will get wood.So Ramu walked towards the river.

There he found a big tree. Ramu climbed the tree and started to chop the wood. As he was chopping, the axe slipped from his hand and fell into the river. Oh no., What have I done? That was my only property which earned money without that what will I do? Oh god! please help me. He started crying and prayed to god.

God answered his prayer. God appeared and asked him, Why are you crying my son? Ramu said mother, I dropped my axe in the river, please help me. God replied, Don’t worry I will get you the axe. She took an axe from the river. It glittered as it was made of gold. Ramu was stunned to see such a shining beautiful axe. But Ramu said without any hesitation, no mother this is not mine.

God again took another axe from the river. It was made of silver. My son, Is this your axe? No mother, God now pulled an axe made of iron. Is this yours? Face showed the sign of joy. Yes mother, this axe is mine. My son, I am very much pleased with your honesty. Take all three axes, this is a reward for your honesty. It’s all yours.

Ramu happily went to his home with three axes. When he crossed somu‘s house somu saw the axes and was stunned. He went with the iron axe in the morning. But now he is returning back with golden and silver axe. Some thing has happened. Let me follow and find out. Somu without the knowledge of Ramu followed him.

Ramu reached the house and called his wife. My dear wife, where are you? Come on fast. I could not wait any long. Ramu’s wife replied I am coming. what’s the matter? Come and see for your self. Anything special? She came there and saw the axes. She was surprised. How..How come you got this gold and silver axe? Ramu explained how the God appeared and gave him the axes. I find no words to speak. We will sell the golden axe in the market. Somu who was hearing all this from outside decided to follow Ramu the next day.

The next day Ramu sold the golden axe and started a new life. Even though he has become rich, Ramu went to work asusual. Ramu,where are you going in this early hour? As usual to work. Ok see you… he is really a fool. Having become rich still he goes to work instead of enjoying his life.Oh…Let me follow him to find out where he choppes his woods. Somu followed Ramu to the forest.Ramu went near the river and started his work. Ah !..This is the river where his axe slipped. Let me wait till he leaves this place. Somu waited till Ramu left. Somu immediately went to the river and deliberately dropped his axe into the river.Oh God! please help me to get back my axe.

God appeared. Why are you crying my son? Mother my axe fell into the river. Please help me. God thought, this guy is playing with me. Let me teach him a lesson. God took out his iron axe first. Is this your axe? What Ramu told his wife is that God showed the golden axe first ?But now she is showing my iron axe. No problem. Let me tell the answer. No mother, God then took out silver axe and showed it to him. Is this your axe ? No…No…. not this one.G od took out the golden axe ,Is this your axe ? Yes Yes Yes.., this one is mine.

God was furious now. How dare you? Telling lies to me, you should be punished for telling lies,saying this God disappeared with the axe. My axe..My axe. God please forgive me for telling lies. Please give back my iron axe. Oh god…what will I do now? All his shouting went useless. Somu returned home without the axe which was his only property. But he had learnt his lesson.