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Those Who Cannot See

Once, while looking at a list of all the blind people in the city. Akbar said, “I see very few names on the list.”

Half-Light Half-Shadow

Once, Akbar, in a fit of anger, asked Birbal to leave the city. Birbal agreed, but before leaving, said that he would enter the city only when the emperor asked...

What I Desire

Once, there lived a foolish miser. He kept all his money hidden in a large box in a corner of his home.

The Washerman and the Potter

Once a washerman’s donkey entered the potter’s yard and broke all the pots. The potter beat the poor donkey badly. The washerman rushed to its rescue. He paid for the...

Length of the Stick

Once, there lived a very rich merchant in Agra. One day, a burglary took place in his house. The merchant suspected one of his numerous servants but he did not...

The Queen's Victory

Once, Akbar was chatting with his queen. He remarked., “Birbal is the most prized jewel of my court. He is unchallenged in wit and intelligence.”