About us

Our Approach

Storyrack is a platform for stories and story telling. As a children or parents of children or even as social human we always felt that story telling is best for improving imaginaion, learning morals, knowing facts and developing emotional intelligence. We are trying to bring the stories and all form of story telling like in web pages, podcasting, mobile apps, induction programs for story telling. We believe by providing strong and independent platform for the story telling community helps to create better stories and story tellers. We wanted to encourage children, guardians or parents of children to believe in power of story telling and together we build community for stories and story telling.


With the storyrack podcasing, your child can connect to the stories as along as the narrator reads. You’ll find that these podcasts not only provide you with an occasional break from reading they also enrich your child’s multi-sensory experiences with stories.

Story behind Storyrack

Every thought, has an inspiration. So does the storyrack, we created for a good reason. As we discovered the importance of story telling and how stories influence the children. We remembered the stories that we listened and read and how those stories shaped our thoughts and deeds. As we started exploring the land of stories in this digital age, we see there are lot of stories in many different forms and they are very influential but we see, many of them are not curated, and not much inspirational or does not have useful information and those stories missing art of story telling. We felt there is need of the community for selection of better stories and curate them to speard the power of stories and influential story telling. So we built storyrack as first step of the journey to create that community.

Contact us

Email: storyrack.in@gmail.com