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Too Much Charity

Betal began his story, as King Vikram briskly walked through the forest.

The Three Suitors

Once more. Vikram grabbed Betal, slung him across his shoulder and started walking out of the forest. To pass the time, Betal related another story.

The Sage's Payment

After catching Betal once again, King Vikram walked on and Betal continued with his storytelling.

Of the Ralative Villainy of Men and Women

Vikram caught Betal once again. But soon Betal, began his storytelling.

Tenali and his Cat

Once upon a time, Vijaya Nagar Kingdom was under the menace of rats. There were rats everywhere - closets, kitchens, bedrooms. They nibbled on everything possible they ate books, wood,...

Of the Marvallous Delicact of Three queens

With determination, Vikram walked on hoping that Betal would not speak. But Betal soon began a new story