How to tell Stories and Why we need Stories

Stories play a crucial role in developing children’s overall personality. In today’s technology-driven times, when most children are glued to gadgets, stories and storytelling can help both parents and children. While storytelling can help parents connect with children, listening to stories can help children shun gadgets thus, escape its numerous adverse effects.

Listening to Stories is good.

Children take great pleasure in listening to stories. Hearing a book helps them to see how the words on the page can come alive in a expressive way. It helps them focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading. Audio books also give them an important introduction to listening, a skill that they must master in order to learn to read and listen.

Narrators on audio tend to embellish their storytelling with silly voices and dramatic enhancements. They make children reading as a source of pleasure rather than a skill, and make them eager to learn how to read. Beyond their sheer enjoyment of listening stories, children also develop a sense of narrative structure and understanding of language. Listening stories also help them to grasp the rich and various ways in which language conveys meaning.

Audio books and podcasts provide a wonderful opportunity for children to hear their favorite books again and again. The more they listen, the greater the likelihood that they will learn new vocabulary words. Children can listen to these audio books wherever they want whether they may be on a car trip, playing, in the waiting room etc.

How Stories help for family time:

A bedtime story is always a good way to children. Listening to a bedtime story calms down a child by reducing his anxieties and provides him with a sense of comfort. So, even if children cannot spend quality time during the day,a bedtime story listening can make up for it.

Listening to stories helps children develop their sense of imagination, which is vital for their future development. By listening to stories, a child gets to hear lot of new words. Repeating these words will help widen their vocabulary. Learning by listening to a story is more effective than trying to learn through apps and videos.

What parents cannot accomplish through commands can be achieved by listening. The morals that stories teach remains in children’s memory and moulds their behaviour and thinking, as they grow up.

I think you’ll find that the efforts of storyrack are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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