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King Akbar's Mahabharata

Once Birbal brought the Mahabharato for Akbar A few days later, Akbar sald, “You must write an Akbari Mahabharata, Birbal.”

The Stolen Bottle

Once, King Akbar went to his wives. He said, “Each of you is to tell me a silly tale. The one who tells the sillest tale will be rewarded.”

The Shadow of Death

Vikram purposefully walked back, undeterred by Betal’s behaviour. He pulled Betal down and set off. Betal narrated another story, as he disliked the silence.

The Three Suitors

Raja Vikram walked back to the tree, took down the corpse and placed him on his shoulders. Betal started to tell a new story.

Mahesh Das and the Sentry

When Mahesh Das finished his studies, he decided to go to Agra and meet the emperor. On reaching Agra, he was dazzled by its huge havels and the bustling bazar....

How Akbar and Birbal met

Emperor Akbar was very fond of hunting. As a little boy, he would leave his lessons and go for hunting. He grew up to be a better rider and a...