The Proud Bee

The Proud Bee

Once a very beautiful bee lived in a forest. She was admired for her beauty, but she was very proud and pompous. One day as she was flying around she saw a baby elephant. She went and sat on one of its ears. “Hey, who are you? I am the most beautiful bee. don’t you know me? You have a large and fat body. While my delicate wings make me the envy of all.”

“Oh! Well, I am glad to meet you. where are you going? Oh, nowhere and everywhere. You see, with these beautiful wings I can fly anywhere unlike you. But we are equal in one way because you have a trunk while I have this proboscis.”

The humble elephant nodded. The bee said my proboscis can suck nectar from the flowers, whereas your trunk can’t. So that makes me one up on you, just as the bee said this, a strong breeze started to blow. Soon it turned into a storm and twigs, leaves, sand, and debris flew all around. The tiny bee could not hold on any longer. She was also blown away in the wind.

Oh! Somebody, somebody, help me. The pleased elephant turned to help, he saw her disappearing with the flying debris. The baby elephant went on its way with his four legs which carried his large fat body and his humble and simple heart.