Pigeon And A Rat story

Pigeon And A Rat story

In a forest there lived a group of pigeons in a big tree and under the same tree, a rat lived.The head of the pigeons and the rat were thick friends. One day rat said, my dear friend “I am going to the nearby town. You must come to my place definitely.” Saying this, the rat left the place.

One day, as usual, the pigeons flew high in the sky in search of food. Suddenly a pigeon shout. Pigeon said that “hey just look down, good amount of grains scattered. Let’s go and eat them.” Head of the pigeon said, stop! Do not go. You see, there are no fields nearby but grains are scattered there. There’s something fishy, please do not go.

Another pigeon said, “oh God! our head always doubts each and everything. I am going to go and eat.” then all the pigeons flew down to eat grains.

Head of the pigeon said, “The whole group is gone what’s the point in me staying back. Pigeon says “what’s this I cannot move my leg, oh no!” Another pigeon says “we are caught in a net.” Head of the pigeon says, “If you had listened to me we would not have fallen in trouble like this.” Pigeon told that forgive us and please help us.

Head of the pigeon says “Listen carefully. Let’s all fly together at a time so that we can fly off with the net and reach the nearby town where my friend the rat is staying. He will release us. Now listen. I will count 1-2-3 and when I say 3 all of us must fly together with the net.” All the pigeons listened to what their Head had instructed and flew together with the net and reached the nearby town.

Oh, my dear friend! Rat, “who is that? Oh, you! Welcome, What happened? How did you get caught in the net? Wait let me help you.” The rat ran out and brought all the other rats and they all cut the net with their sharp teeth and within seconds.

Head of the pigeon says “Thanks a lot. We are really relieved now. Ok then, we shall take leave now.” What is this you come all the way to my house and you say you are leaving without having any food in my house. Ok, as you wish.

The rats and the pigeons had a very good feast and enjoyed the day together.