Mongoose And Pandit's Wife

Mongoose And Pandit's Wife

Once upon a time, a pandit found a baby mongoose. its the mother was dead. So he lifted, it in his hands and said poor kid, I shall look after you and the pandit took him home.

He had a small baby of his own. He told his wife darling, take this mongoose baby its mother was dead. So I brought it with me from now onwards. We shall call it mongoose that’s all right but it’s a wild animal and we have a small baby at home. So we can’t keep it with us. Look at this innocent creature, how lovingly he is admiring you. Take it as your child love begets love. Fine, as you please but won’t it harm the baby? No, not at all. Then it’s fine with me. I shall look after it as my own baby.

Mongoose started growing up with their baby and soon was big and its teeth were sharp. But he loved to play with the little toddler. Listen, I am going to fetch water from the river to take care of the baby. Yes, my better half, he is playing with mongoose so worrying unnecessarily? I know that but why don’t you understand it’s a wild animal. don’t worry, nothing will happen you go, I shall take care. Oh! Why don’t you understand? Mongoo has very sharp teeth now we have to be very careful. I told you, mongoose will never harm its brother.

The lady went to fetch water and panditji went to perform pooja at neighbor’s house. A snake entered the house and started approaching the toddler. Oh! Snake from where is it coming to? Oh! it’s going to the toddler and snake is my biggest enemy. Mongoo fought with the snake and killed it and he came out of the house to show his bravery.

The panditji’s wife who was returning saw him with blood in his mouth and she screamed. Oh! Your wild animal, what have you done? You thankless creature you killed your own brother. You don’t deserve to live and she hit mongoose with the bucket full of water. She uttered to herself.

Oh god! my baby! why? Why did I leave my baby with this mongoose? Why did I agree to look after this wild animal? Oh god! My baby! when she entered her house. She was stunned to find the baby playing and there beside him was a dead, bleeding snake. She then realized what had actually happened and felt very very sorry that she had thought that mongoose had harmed her baby. She started crying bitterly.