The Fox And The Goat

The Fox And The Goat

On a long sunny day, there was a fox walking in a desert. Hungry and thirsty, all that he could see was miles of sand and barren rocks. Oh! It is so hot! I need water badly. He kept on walking and suddenly he saw a well. Thank god! “I finally found a well. Now I will no longer be thirsty.” He ran and ran in great excitement. The moment he lapped on the wall of the well to check water he lost his balance and fell in the well.

Help! Help! Somebody, please help me! This well is really deep. How would I ever get out of this place? Nearby a goat was passing the well. When she heard the fox she went to peep over the well. Hey, Fox! What are you doing inside this well? Oh, goat! isn’t it too hot outside? I just came into this well to cool myself off. Why don’t you also hop in and enjoy this cool and refreshing water? Not even thinking for a second, the goat jumped into the well.

Hey Fox, you were right! This water is actually very refreshing. I could spend all my day out here. After some time, the goat stops and asks the fox. Wait for a second! How in the world will we manage to get out of this well? Oh, it’s going to be simple. If you stand on your two feet and push me up I can manage to reach to the top of the well and then pop out of the well. The goat, once again without thinking twice does as the fox said.

Hey, fox! What about me? How would I get out? I guess you have to think about it on your own but I helped you get out of the well. Who asked you to? You should have thought about the consequences before taking any actions.