Belling The Cat

Belling The Cat

Once upon a time, there lived so many mice in a store which troubled a grocer. These mice are spoiling every thing, they pierce holes in the grain bags. The grocer said to his wife, Oh, dear! What should we do? and his wife replied. I don’t know. If the villagers find out they will stop coming to the store and buying from me. Oh no! What will we do then? Our business will be disrupted entirely. I agree. Oh! I have an idea! Why don’t you get a cat for the store? A good, strong cat will eat the mice away quickly and new mices will be afraid to enter the store out of her fear that’s a brilliant idea! I will get one first thing tomorrow.

The next morning the grocer went and got a big strong cat for his store. Just as his wife had said she pounced at the first sight of mice. The mice were taken by surprise. Our brothers have been attacked and eaten up by this cat that the grocer has brought. We all should be careful from now on.

As the days passed the movement of the mice became restricted. They always lived in fear of the cat and were unable to get food and supplies for their families from the store. If any of them ventured out the cat ate them. This distressed the mice very much. They made many plans to avoid and escape the cat but failed miserably.

We are losing our brothers and sisters to this cat. Something must be done. I have a simple plan, but I am sure it will be successful. We just have put a bell around the cat’s neck, every time the cat will move we will hear the bell ring first. This will give us enough time to escape her. That’s a very good idea.

Good thinking brother, we should arrange a bell immediately. Yes, I agree. This is a very good plan but I have just one question. Who will bell the cat. Suddenly there fell a hush over the excited mice because none of them had the answer to the question. None had the courage to risk his own life to bell the cat and so it remined that the cat was never belled.