The Theif and the Ghost

Once upon a time there lived a Brahmin.

He had two cows-one was white and the other brown. Both cows gave plenty of rich milk. So a theif was tempted to steal them.

The theif thought. “Tonight, when the Brahmin household is fast asleep. I will steal the cows. I will then go away to a far off village and earn my livelihood by selling milk there. I won’t have to steal then.”

It was about midnight. It was a pitch black night. The theif tipotoed down to the Brahmin’s house to steal the cows. Suddenly, somebidy tapped him on his shoulder. The theif was startled. He turned arondand what did he see?! A huge, jet-black humal like figure stood before him.

The theif said, “Who are you?”

“I am a ghost,” said the figure, truthfully. “Who are you?”

“I am a theif,” said the theif, frankly.

The ghost said to the theif, “Where do you intend to steal tonight?”

Pointing to the Brahmin’s backyard, the theif said, “Tonight, I will stael the Brahmin’s cows.”

“And I intend to take the Brahmin away, said the ghost.

The thief and the ghost came to the Brahmin’s house. They his themselves and waited for the Brahmin family to retire.

The theif and the ghost waited till the lamp in the house was put out. The theif walked to the closed window and stood there for some time to make sure everyone was aslepp. “I can hear the Brahmin snoring.” he said in a whisper. “Wait here, while I go and seal the cows. Then you can take the Brahmin away.”

The ghost said, “While you are stealing the cows, one of them may moo loudly and wake up the Brahmin. Therefore, I have a suggestion. Let me take the Brahmin away first. You can them steal the cows eaily.”

“No,” said the theif. “I will go first.”

“No,” said the ghost. “It’s my turn first.”

Both were annoyed with each other. They were so anfry that they did not realise what they were saying or doing.

The theif shoute saying, “Hey Brahmin.. Wake uo! Quickly! This ghost has come to take you away.”

The ghost too shouted saying, “Wake up O Brahmin! This theif is here to steal your cows.”

The Brahmin’s son was awakened by the noise outside. He brgan to cry. The Brahmin lit th elamp.

The theif and th ghost ran away and soon they disappeared into the dark.