The Fox and the Sheep

One day, a fox was very hungry. He wandered and wandered, but he could not find any food to eat. He was very tired and he could not hardly walk. With great difficulty, he reached the outskirts of a village.

Suddenly, the fox noticed two sheep fighting with each other. Now who would not like to witness a fight? The fox went a little closer to enjoy watching the fight between the two sheep. It appeared to be a fight to the finish.

Both sheep would strike their heads violently against each other’s. They would then retreat a few steps, only to rush forward and again strike their heads violently.

The fox was enjoying himself. He thought, “If these two sheep keep on fighting in this manner, one of hen is sure to die soon. And I will get enough food to satsfy my hungry.”

As the fox was thinking this, the two sheep again struck their heads against each other’s. Both began to bleed. The fox got the fine smell of fresh blood, His mouth started watering.

Now the two sheep were fighting even more violently. Blood began to tickle down their heads and the graound was covered with drops of fresh blood.

The fox was tempted to lick the fresh blood.

The fox went closer to the spot where he two sheep were fighting. He looked at the bloo trickling down onto the ground. “What a waste of fresh blood!” thought the fox. “Let me lick it p quickly..slurp..slurp..”

Once again, the two sheep struck their heads aganist each other’s. AS they returned a few steps to strike again, the fox dashed to the spot, licked some blood and returned to his place hastily.

The sheep struck their heads against each other’s again. Some more blood trickled down onto the ground. And again, the fox rushed to that spot and licked the blood with a slurp. But before he could return to his place, the two sheep rushed forward and struck against his head.

The fox began to feel dizzy. He fell down on the ground and died.

The two sheep camed down. They looked at the dead fox for some time and then walked away quietly.