The Jackal Who Saved The Lion

The Jackal Who Saved The Lion

A very long time ago, there lived a mighty lion in a jungle. One day, he went to the river to drink water. But his leg got stuck in the thick slushy mud of the riverbank. No matter how much he tried, his leg wouldn’t come out! He called out for help, but alas! There was none and so he remains stuck in the mud.

After a few days, a kind jackal came to the same spot of the river to drink water. He saw the lion stuck in the mud. Your majesty. Are you all right? No, jackal. I am stuck in the mud. I cannot move. I have been here for days now. Give me a moment your majesty. Let me see what I can do. The jackal quickly crossed over to the riverside.

Where the lion was stuck with his paws he dug out the mud where the lion’s leg was caught. I think your leg should be free now. Please try and come out. The lion tried to move but he couldn’t! His leg had become stiff after being in the same position for so many days. Seeing this, the Jackal made more efforts to free the lion. He pushed him and pulled him till he finally he came out of the mud!

The lion was very happy to be able to move freely after so many days. Thank you kind jackal. You have saved me. You are welcome, your majesty. Now, I must get back home. Where will you go? Why don’t you come and stay with me? you’ve saved me and now you are my friend for life.

The jackal accepted the lion’s offer and both grew their own families but they continued to live together and hunt together. Their children would even play together. But the lioness did not like the friendship between the jackal and the lion and she conveyed the same to the lady jackal. The lioness told me that the lion does not want us to live here with him and his family.

Hearing this, the jackal was very upset and went to see the lion. I thought we were friends. But if you did not want my family and me too live here with you. You should have told me so. Instead, you conveyed your message to me through the lioness and the lady jackal! My friend! I don’t know what you are talking about. We are leaving. No, my friend! don’t leave me and go. I have not done anything of that sort. I want you to stay with me.

The jackal understood what had happened. I am sorry, friend. I understand your sincerity and love towards me. I think I judged you too quickly. It is not you who wants me gone, but the lioness. I shouldn’t live here any longer. No, you don’t have to go. I will speak to the lioness. No, Don’t worry about it. My family and I will live in another home but you and I will still remain friends. It is best for both families. Though the lion was very sad, he agreed.

So, the jackal made another home for himself and his family but his friendship with the lion remained. They met every day went on hunts together and shared life’s good and bad until the end of their lives.

Sometimes you may like someone very much, but your family may not feel the same way about them.