The Hare And The Tortoise

The Hare And The Tortoise

Long ago in a forest, a small get together of animals was taking place. You know what? I can beat anyone in this forest. Nobody can beat me in a race. Yes! I have seen him running. I bet he can beat anyone in this forest.

Suddenly from the crowd they hear somebody laughing! Why are you laughing? You think you can beat me in a race? “I may not disagree with you oh Mr. Hare! but I might not deny that i have no fear of cpmpetiting with you.” Oh really? So let’s have a race and lets see who wins.

So one fine sunny day all the animals gathered for the race. Everybody was sure that the Hare is gonna be a clear-cut winner. “May the best man win! and that is me!” Said the hare proudly. “Now lets go old man. I’ll beat you in a second!”

The hare runs so fast that all the things on the path go for a spin! On the other hand the tortoise is running too, but at such a space that even snails could pass by him easily. Suddenly the hare stops and looks behind. Oh my lord! The tortoise is gonna take ages to reach this point. So let’s just stop here and take some rest. By the time he reaches here I would get good rest and then cover him up in a blink of a second.

In the meanwhile, the tortoise slowly and steadily reaches the point where the hare is fast asleep . He very quietly tip toes past the hare and the hare is all ignorant of this fact. Suddenly the hare gets up by the roars of the crowd cheering up the tortoise. Go Tortoise, Go. Go Tortoise! Oh my lord! How is that possible? I kept on sleeping for so long that the tortoise is about to finish the race! He runs and runs and runs. But to his disappointment the tortoise just manages to finish the race before he could.