Krishna and his friends

Krishna and his friends

When Krishna was five years old, he requested Nanda Maharaj to allow him to go to the forest with his friends and calves to the forest for grazing. The gopas decorated their calves and packed their food. They went to forest along with their calves, who had bells around their necks. They were running and jumping, following Lord Krishna with lots of joy.

After reaching the forest they selected a shady place under the trees. They kept their packs of food brought from home under the tree and allowed the calves to graze around. Whilst some boys kept an eye on the grazing calves the others played under the shade. They played several games like hide and seek, jumping over each other and mimicking birds and animals.

Afer playing for sometime they selected a nice grassy place on the banks of the river Yamuna. While the calves were grazing the fresh green grass, the gopas sat around Lord Krishna. They shared their food brought from home among themselves.

They resembled a full bloom lotus flower with krishna in the center. Lord Krishna enjoyed the curd rice and the sweets packed by his mother along with the other wonderful eatables brought by his goapa friends. After eating with his friends, Krishna rested beneath a tree and played on his flute. Some of his friends massaged his lotus feet to relieve him of his fatigue.

They returned home happily before sunset.