If I Had Disobeyed

There lived a Brahmin in a small town.

One day, he had to go to some other town. As he was about to set out on his journey, his mother said, “Son, why are you going alone? You should take someone along with you.”

The Brahmin said, “I have to cross the forest. But it is not dangerous as there are no wild animals or dacoits in the forest.”

“But it is always beteer to have company,” said the mother.

“Do not worry, mother,” said the brahmin. “Do not be afraid. I will go alone. Complete my work and return home by tomorrow evening.”

The mother went to the well in the backyard and came back with a crab in er hands. Giving it to her son, she said, “I don’t think you should go alone. Here, take this crab with you.”

The Brahmin took the crab, only to satisfy his mother. He put the crab in a bag along with some pieces of camphor. He then left hurriedly, carrying the bag on his shoulder.

It was hot summer afternoon and the heat was unbearable. The Brahmin saw a big shady tree. “Let me rest under the tree for sometime,” he thought. “I will continue my journey after the heat has decreased.”

Thinking this, the Brahmin sat under the tree and relished his lunch. He then lay down in the cool shade of the tree. Being tired, he soon dozed off.

Now it so happened that a snake lived in the hollow of the tree trunk. When it came out of the hollow, it saw the Brahmin fast asleep. The snake spotted the bag. It coud get the smell of camphor coming from the bag. The snake loved the smell of camphor and so it slithered towards the bag. It slid into the bag and began to eat the pieces of camphor. The crab was roused and it came out of the bag. It held the snake firmly with claws and began to suck its blood. The snake died.

The Brahmin woke up. He yawned and stetched. He then saw the dead snake on the pieces of camphor!

The Brahmin thanked God for saving his life. “The crab saved my life,” he thought. “One should always obey one’s mother. What would have happened if I had disobeyed mother?”