The Horse And The Donkey

The Horse And The Donkey

Once upon a time, there was a poor washerman. All he had was a donkey and a horse. He would use the donkey to carry a load of clothes from the village to the river and back. While he would use the horse for himself to go wherever he needed to. The horse enjoyed an easy life carrying only his master. While the poor donkey did all the hard work.

One day the washerman went to the village to collect clothes from people. “Hello! Are there any clothes you want to give for washing today?” Yes, yes. I have. Thank you. Hello! How are you today? I am good. Thank you. Do you have any clothes for washing? Yes, I am glad you came. We have too many guests today and excess laundry too. Don’t worry. I will have them back in time. Thank you. And so the washerman went from door to door collecting clothes for washing. Then he loaded everything onto his donkey. We have a big job in front of us today. We have more clothes to wash than every other day. We’ll have to hurry up.

As soon as he had got the donkey loaded up they started moving towards the river. The washerman decided to walk beside the horse and the donkey. But the load was too much for the donkey to carry. So he got very tired. When they were halfway through to the river. The washerman decided to stop to get some rest.

He was too tired, having walked all the way instead of riding the horse, as usual, that’s when the donkey decided to talk to the horse. Horse? Can you please help me? This load is too heavy to carry. Since the master is walking today and you have no burden to carry. Can you take some of mine? I am here to serve my master not you. it’s not my job to carry the load. it’s yours and you alone must do it.

The donkey had no choice but to carry the burden of the clothes all alone. So he continued walking slowly when they resumed their journey. But after some time the weight became too much for him and he collapsed. He tried to get up again but just couldn’t. Oh no! what’s wrong with my donkey! Let me get his weight off him first. The caring washer man removed the bags and bundles of clothes from the donkey. Oh, these bags are very very heavy. It was wrong of me put them on the donkey alone. Now he is very tired, he will not be able to carry this burden anymore.

I will put everything on the horse. Saying so, he put all the bags and bundles on the back of the horse. let’s give the donkey some rest today. They started walking again towards the river. As they walked, the horse realized what a mistake he had made. This is so heavy. I wish I had not been so selfish earlier. If I had shared the donkey’s load when he had asked me to, I wouldn’t have had to carry all this by myself. From now on, I will always share the burden.